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Visor – Mac OSX shortcut to launch Terminal

May 5, 2011 Leave a comment

My friend Paul showed me a very nice application to quickly launch Terminal.  It’s called Visor, and it’s very useful if you’re a programmer.

Visor screenshot

Visor allows you to pop up your terminal window at any time

After installing it, your terminal hides until being summoned via a keyboard hotkey.  At that point, it pops into view from the top of the screen (though this can be customized if you desire).  I find it really declutters my desktop, as I no longer need to devote screen real estate to the terminal.  Instead, it’s hidden until I need it.

Due to the way it’s packaged (as a SIMBL plugin that modifies the Terminal app itself), it is unobtrusive, incorporating its settings into the Terminal app itself as opposed to requiring a separate app in your dock or quick launch bar.  It’s simple and works flawlessly.  Can’t ask for much more in a piece of free software.

Visor preferences

Visor preferences