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Ternary operator in bash

October 20, 2010 11 comments

Here’s a really quick tip for bash programmers.

In languages like C++, Java, Python, and the like, there’s the concept of a ternary operator.  Basically it allows you to assign one value if a condition is true, else another.

In C/Java:

int x = valid ? 0 : 1;

In Python:

x = 0 if valid else 1

In Scala:

val x = if (valid) 0 else 1

Well, there’s no ternary operator in Bash, but there is a way to fake it.

[ $valid ] && x=1 || x=0

Where whatever conditional you want is within the brackets.

If it’s valid, then the branch after the AND is followed, otherwise that after the OR is followed.

This is equivalent though perhaps a bit less readable then

if [ $valid ]; then x=1; else x=0; fi

So you should be aware of the construct in case you ever run into it, but it’s arguably less readable than just listing out explicitly what you’re doing.

Thanks to experts-exchange for making me aware of this little tip.

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