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Unzip KMZ Files on a Mac using Springy

May 6, 2011 2 comments

I’m learning about KML/KMZ files, where KMZ is basically a .zip file renamed as .kmz.  The problem is that these .kmz files cannot be opened using the default Mac unzip utility.  When you try to open the .zip file, it creates a new file called <originalfile>.zip.cpgz.  Opening the .cpgz file yields a copy of the original zip.

Mac OSX cannot handle unzipping the file

The solution is to use Springy, a zip utility for Mac (free trial, ~$20 to buy).  It handles the file perfectly:

Open with Springy

Open with Springy

Springy handles KMZ fine

Springy handles KMZ fine

Edit: Found an alternative approach here.  Basically, rename the file .rar instead of .zip and the Unix unzip utility can handle it.

I’ve written a script to incorporate this; find it as a gist here.

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