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Interview with Twitter dev explaining use of Scala

May 26, 2010 3 comments

So what were our criteria for choosing Scala? Well first we asked, was it fast, and fun, and good for long-running process? Does it have advanced features? Can you be productive quickly? Developers of the language itself had to be accessible to us as we’d been burned by Ruby in that respect. Ruby’s developers had been clear about focusing it on fun, even sometimes at the expense of performance. They understood our concerns about enterprise-class support and sometimes had other priorities.

We wanted to be able to talk to the guys building the language, not to steer the language, but at least to have a conversation with them.

There’s a new, good post interviewing one of the lead back-end engineers of Twitter.  I knew that they had replaced some Ruby code with Scala due to performance concerns, but there’s new information in here to me, such as all the systems it’s used in.  It also gives a great summary of Scala’s benefits as a language. He makes a good point that you can easily hire Java programmers and train them to use Scala; it’s a lot harder to teach/hire a Haskell programmer, for instance.

Well worth a read.