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CAPTCHAs must die



I just tried to leave a post on a site which uses a CAPTCHA to prevent bots from leaving spam comments.  I must be a bot, because I failed the test – not once, not twice… not even three times.  I tried over ten times in a row and it kept rejecting me after offering a new option each time.  I assume this is a software glitch, and I gave up.


For the purposes of validating comments, I find CAPTCHAs completely unnecessary.  There’s a better solution – it’s called machine learning.  I use Akismet in WordPress as my spam filter and it performs incredibly well.




Let the computers do the hard work of spam filtering.  Don’t frustrate and slow down legitimate users by making them fill out these things unnecessarily.  

  1. Chris
    April 19, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Don’t forget: the spambots can learn too.

    I don’t mind captchas, but I guess that means I am not a robot. I have noticed a few sites using something we discussed awhile ago: having people type ad slogans. A great way to both confirm consumers comprehend your ad and ward off bots.

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